Sources of debt and equity funding

If your company is a startup serving a local market and does not need large-scale funding, debt financing is probably your best, and perhaps only, option.

Bonds Small business people likely don't give much thought to using bonds to raise money for long-term investment. This could put a damper on your company's ability to grow.

Trading Center Want to learn how to invest? Real estate funds have a specific mandate that involves real estate investments only. Businesses can also obtain a line of credit -- a pool of money it can borrow from when needed. What if your company hits hard times or the economy, once again, experiences a meltdown?

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Sources of Debt Financing

Get a free 10 week email series that will teach you how to start investing. Often you will not have a choice. And some small companies raise money by selling bonds themselves -- although because of the risk involved, such bonds typically have to pay a high rate of interest and are saddled with the term "junk bonds.

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Next, the interest you pay is tax deductible. Venture capitalists are looking for companies with global reach. Finance companies Most finance companies offer finance products via a retailer. It will typically have to prepay or pay on delivery until it demonstrates to suppliers that it has the money to meet its obligations.

If you are just getting started, consider a loan from family, friends or a bank. Knowing who to approach for finance can help you find the best finance option for your business. Private investors Investors can contribute funds to your business in return for a share in your profits and equity.

This is especially true for companies in the beginning stages of development.Private equity firms–which is a broad, overly-used term–can assist on financing both debt and equity.

Other private investment or venture capital firms may provide funding in the form of debt or equity securities to private companies as an investment. Aug 19,  · This is a valuable source of funding that doesn’t mean giving up more ownership or diluting equity.

Venture debt financing differs from other sources of. See the list below for some common sources of debt and equity finance: Debt Finance.

Small Business Financing: Debt Or Equity?

Financial institutions. Banks, building societies and credit unions offer a range of finance products with both short and long-term finance solutions.

Debt and equity are the two major sources of financing.

Government grants to finance certain aspects of a business may be an option. Also, incentives may be available to locate in certain communities and/or encourage activities in particular industries. The mix of debt and equity financing that you use will determine your cost of capital for your business.

Two More Traditional Sources of Capital for Your Business Besides debt and equity financing, there are two other traditional sources of capital for your business. "Debt" is a nasty word to a lot of consumers, but in business, debt is a perfectly normal way to finance the purchase of assets or use a backup for short-term interruptions in cash flow.

Sources of debt and equity funding
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