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Well, then, it has very often occurred to me when thinking about friendship, that the chief point to be considered was this: Something must be Essay on friendship by cicero to friendship. But such a view reduces friendship to a question of figures in a spirit far too narrow and illiberal, as though the object were to have an exact balance in a debtor and creditor account.

But even if some are found who think it mean to prefer money to friendship, where shall we look for those who put friendship before office, civil or military promotions, and political power, and who, when the choice lies between these things on the one side and the claims of friendship on the other, do not give a strong preference to the former?

The second doctrine is that which limits friendship to an exact equality in mutual good offices and good feelings. Cicero as a man, in spite of his self-importance, the vacillation of his political conduct in desperate crises, and the whining despondency of his times of adversity, stands out as at bottom a patriotic Roman of substantial honesty, who gave his life to check the inevitable fall of the commonwealth to which he was devoted.

But such is the effect of the respect, the loving remembrance, and the regret of friends which follow us to the grave. If it ever happen that they fall, as it generally does, they will at once understand how friendless they are.

But you should consider that at the present moment all eyes are on you. Accordingly I was quite ready to benefit the public at your request.

Laelius served in Africa, mainly that he might not be separated from his friend. Who was more famous and powerful in Greece than Themistocles? How can a man be friends with another, if he thinks it possible that he may be his enemy?

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Everybody calls you "the wise" par excellence, and thinks you so. Now there are two characteristic features in his treatment of his friends that a good which may be regarded as equivalent to a wise man will always display.

The fair course is first to be good yourself, and then to look out for another of like character. This last is the ideal of brute beasts; and of the others we may say that they are frail and uncertain, and depend less on our own prudence than on the caprice of fortune.

He refers to these six books on the Republic as so many hostages 1 for his uncorrupt integrity and untarnished honor, and makes them his apology to Atticus for declining to urge an extortionate demand on the city of Salamis. But the man who is most to blame is he who resents plain speaking and allows flattery to egg him on to his ruin.

By that rule, if it were a mere question of time, no one would have such claims on our affections as nurses and slave-tutors. The sole reason, for instance, which prevents good men from making friends with bad, or bad with good, is that the divergence of their characters and aims is the greatest possible.

For nothing can be more eager, or rather greedy, for what is like itself than nature. So you will be doing us both a great favour. But do not let us wait to be asked either: He became aedile in the same year, in 67 B.

There are many advantages too which men of upright character voluntarily forgo, or of which they are content to be deprived, that their friends may enjoy them rather than themselves. This very often happens. One is that we should love our friend just as much as we love ourselves, and no more; another, that our affection to friends, should exactly correspond and equal theirs to us; a third, that a man should be valued at exactly the same rate as he values himself.

For it is neither easy nor right to refuse a wish of my sons-in-law, particularly when the wish is a creditable one in itself.44 BC LAELIUS OR, AN ESSAY ON FRIENDSHIP by Cicero translated by W. Melmoth LAELIUS TO TITUS POMPONIUS ATTICUS.-QUINTUS MUCIUS, the Augur, used to relate, in a very agreeable.

Ancient History Sourcebook: Cicero: On Friendship, or Laelius And the whole essay on friendship is his. In reading it you will recognise a picture of yourself.

2. Fannius. You are quite right, Laelius!

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there never was a better or more illustrious character than Africanus. But you should consider that at the present moment all eyes are on you. The teacher poses reading essay questions from cicero's on friendship a great deal of time it took out a trajectory of change within and across educational sectors; partnerships across educational, and today.

Cahiers vilfredo pareto.

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Revised second edition. Source: Introduction to Cicero De Amicitia (On Friendship) and Scipio’s Dream, translated with an Introduction and Notes by Andrew P. Peabody (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co., ). In this work I am especially impressed by Cicero’s dramatic power.

But for the mediocrity of his poetic genius, he. Of all the numerous essays written upon subject of Friendship, the Lælius of Cicero holds the foremost rank, not only because of the nobility of the theme itself, but also because of the author's sincerity of purpose and the fineness of the sentiment from which the essay is developed.

Write a Short Essay on Friendship. According to the great Roman Statesman Cicero “Friendship increases happiness and diminishes misery by doubling our joy and.

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Essay on friendship by cicero
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