China threat thesis

SDO rose significantly from toindicating an increased perception of threat to dominant groups.

Critique: The China Threat: How the People’s Republic Targets Essay Sample

China scholars believe that there exist still other dimensions to the "China threat" problem, such as China's China threat thesis Kingdom" mentality, unresolved historical griev- ances, and an undemocratic government.

Containment or Engagement of China? The Political Subject of Violence Manchester: Yongjin Zhang and Greg Austin, eds.

The rise of "China threat" arguments occurred in the United States and Japan because of a convergence of several factors, the most important of which was the increase of China's relative power after the Cold War. For example, according to Lucian Pye, it is the West that has long been able to know where Chinese interests lie, whereas, unfortunately, the irrational Chinese not only are unable to recognize their own interests but have frequently frustrated Western well-wishers who want only to help them out.

If one assumes unchanged issue opinions sincethen the increased salience of race, religion, and immigration attitudes accounts for the shift toward Trump. Pal- grave,p.

The fraying of the strategic safety-net led to the advent of "China threat" arguments. Steve Chan, "Relating to China: Some may suggest that there is nothing particularly wrong with this since psychologists generally agree that "individuals and groups define their identity by differentiating themselves from and placing themselves in opposition to others.

While China is rising, it is vulnerable. Though figures are often exaggerated, this Chinese policy indeed harms certain American economic interests.

The rise of

At a time when China is working toward ensuring international peace and stability, the US has been acting in a very arrogant and irresponsible manner.

Reshaping the Regional Order. This is exactly how the discursive strategy of perceiving China as a threatening other should be understood, a point addressed in the following section, which explores some of the practical dimension of this discursive strategy in the containment perspectives and hegemonic ambitions of U.

Huntington, note 37, pp. This is the case because both benefit through this model, addressing their imbalances to strike a mutually beneficial equilibrium.


The Trump administration's initiation of a trade war against China must be seen through the lens of US attempts to contain China. Harries wrote that when he passed through Hong Kong, he "did not meet a person there—either Chinese or Western—who accepted the accident thesis": In consequence, it is not impossible that the two countries, and possibly the whole region, might be dragged into an escalating arms race that would eventually make war more likely.

Evaluating the China ‘Threat’ Thesis in India

Foreign Affairs, 84 5 ,pp. Moreover, China is still a developing country, still ranking 97th in terms of GDP p. Its neoliberal privileging of the economy in grand strategy, has led to a strategy of restraint. The Rise of China: Asian Survey, 36 8pp. World Development, 36 10pp.IS THE RISE OF CHINA A SECURITY THREAT?

Bertrand ATEBA Ph.D. Candidate, School of International Studies, Peking University The end of the cold war and the collapse of the Soviet Empire have undermined much of the global power structure that has characterized international politics for several decades.

The international system is. Nor is China's sheer size a self-evident confirmation of the "China threat" thesis, as other countries like India, Brazil, and Australia are almost as big as China.

The ‘China Threat Debate’ Revisited

Instead, China as a "threat" has much to do with the partic- ular mode of U.S. self-imagination. Nov 14,  · ‘China as threat’ instead not only displaces Pakistan, but also subsumes it in a wider threat. Last but one, vested interests standing to gain from the ‘China threat’ can be expected to help foster the perception.

This can be seen in the manner Indian media has taken to viewing agronumericus.coms: 5. May 30,  · China shooting its own people is brutal and its legitimacy to rule is being challenged by its own people.

However, when the Americans shoot people of other countries in Iraq, Afghanistan, the American people sing “God Bless the America”. Alternatives 29 (), The "China Threat" in American Self-Imagination: The Discursive Construction of Other as Power Politics Chengxin Pan'* We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are.

For white Americans, the political consequences of racial and global status threat seem to point in similar directions with respect to issue positions: opposition to immigration, rejection of international trade relationships, and perceptions of China as a threat to American wellbeing.

China threat thesis
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