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If the business are going to be installing new software on multiple computer systems, then they should only start with a few computer systems as this can reduce the risk to ensure than no problems will occur.

Unit 29 P2/D2- Potential Risks Of Installing Or Upgrading Software

Tutors should give learners hands-on experience of as many installations and upgrades on as diverse a variety of target systems as centre resources allow. Tutors should consider integrating the delivery, private study and assessment relating to this unit with any other relevant units and assessment instruments learners may also be taking as part of the programme of study.

Learners must be able to define the types of changes taking place in the industry, ie whether they are short term or have longer-term implications.

They will also benefit from upgrading an application that they have installed to see the differences in the processes although this is not necessary for the successful completion of the unit.

It could take up over an hour, particularly if a lot of computers need to have the installation. The percentage contribution to the gross domestic product What are the current trends in retail sales? Some video clips to get you thinking: Where tutors are using witness statements as evidence, practical tasks must be described alongside the assessment criteria that they are assessing.

This can be achieved through case studies, user requirements, scenarios or through an analysis of the application when being used for a specific need. For M3, learners must demonstrate knowledge of the key elements of effective service and selling skills.

This is for guidance and it is recommended that centres either write their own assignments or adapt any Edexcel assignments to meet local needs and resources.

Unit 29 Understanding Retailing - P4

Centres will face practical issues when planning delivery of this unit and it must be remembered that free open source software is a viable alternative to the traditional licensed software that is often expensive.

This unit gives learners the opportunity to install and upgrade software on systems. Also, another risk reduction measure is that you should installation something at a low risk time, meaning when you install your software you should do it at a time when there is no one on the computer.

Tutors should ensure that the configuration of software is a meaningful exercise and that changes are not being made purely for the sake of it, otherwise learners will fail to contextualise the procedure within the IT workplace.

To achieve a distinction grade the evidence must show that, in addition to the pass and merit criteria, the learner is able to: The proportion of independent and multiple retailers The proportion of not for profit and public places available?

Assessment and grading criteria To achieve a pass grade the evidence must show that the learner is able to: Skill Independent enquirers Self-managers When learners are Installing At Low Risk Times: This could be an activity log, report, presentation or another form. Urban locations continue to create opportunities for smaller or specialised retailers.

The use of ICT to drive change should be understood through studying contrasting stores and the application of ICT in marketing and stock management.

Forexample, customer expectations of luxury goods retailing are consistently high. Competition should be explained though a study of a shopping location, such as a high street or shopping centre, in the context of the retail industry structure.

They will explain what causes these types of change by differentiating the key factors in the macro environment and the competitive environment. What sales are generated by the sector?

The suggested assessment of this unit is through the four assignments summarised in the Programme of suggested assignments table.

Customer service inthe clothing sector can be compared with other sectors where product knowledge is valued, electrical goods,and where convenience and efficiency is important, for example food. Information Technology Level 3 Book 2 Pages — The outline learning plan demonstrates one way in planning the delivery and assessment of this unit.

They should think creatively about new service solutions that can realistically evolve from current practices. Describe the employment characteristics of the sector High street retailers, winners and losers!

Unit 29 Understanding Retailing - P1 M1

This unit has particular links with the following unit titles in the IT suite: Innovative products and services should be identified in one retailer and learners should explain the role of these products and services in creating a dynamic industry.

Installing and Upgrading Software Guided learning hours: Competitive trends should be explained with reference to market concentration, power of multiple retailers, low barriers to entry, and innovative practices, including new types of store, refits and introduction of new products and services, including online provision.Apr 21,  · Home Unit 29 P2/D2- Potential Risks Of Installing Or Upgrading Software.

Unit 29 P2/D2- Potential Risks Of Installing Or Upgrading Software. This is important because it can take up quite a bit time of the business, as it takes quite long to install.

It could take up over an hour, particularly if a lot of computers need to have. Unit 29 Understanding Retailing - P1 - Describe the structure and organisation of the retail sector Good morning year 11 BTEC Business Today's challenge is to start to think about and UNDERSTAND the impact of legislation on customer s P2 P3 D2 Unit 4 Business Communications.

BTEC Business Nationals; Unit 29 Understanding Retailing Assignment you can find an example assignment that you could use to practice your skills on so that you are able to complete the BTEC Business Nationals Unit 10 Assignment to the best of your ability.

P2 explain the process of distributing goods through different channels from the. An excellent assignment which meets the criteria for P2 M2 D1 - Understanding Retailing for Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business.

P2 - Explain the process of distributing goods through different channels from the manufacturer to the customer. M2 - Compare the. UNIT 29 P3 - Plan an installation and an upgrade P3 - Plan an installation and an upgrade When you’re planning an installation for a business or cooperation you would need to plan how you’re going to go about installing the software and when the best time would be to install.

2. Plan an installation and an upgrade; UNIT 29 - P2.  BTEC Business Level 3 Unit 4: P2, Task 3 – P3 Klieven Joern Chua PKS/KT EQUALITY It is the state of being equal, especially in status, right or opportunities.

Treating some with respect and giving someone the things they need and be treated the same way normal people received. Most likely the people with disability. “Equality means.

Btec business unit29 p2
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