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One City, Three Faiths. At that time, Islamic schools, immersion programs, and podcasts were not widely available. This event naturally spread insecurity among Christians in the nation hence the hatred in the air. That would be really useful. In an effort to explain how this book came about, author writes in the preface: From there, the text moves onto the actual founding of Islam as a religion and how, and why, the new faith attracted so many followers as quickly as it did.

The son of immigrants, I was born and raised in New Jersey and grew up in the American public school system. These two facts have essentially shaped my faith by inducing myself to contemplate the one right belief to follow.

Armstrong claims she suffered physical and psychological abuse in the convent; according to an article in The Guardian newspaper, "Armstrong was required to mortify her flesh with whips and wear a spiked chain Book review islam by karen armstrong her arm.

Mohiuddin has no formal training in the Islamic sciences.

Karen Armstrong Interview

All well and good. Within the pages of this book you will find insights into the golden age of Islamic civilization, and the richness of the Islamic contributions to the sciences, philosophy, and art.

But what about the Crusades or the so-called Wars of Religion that roiled Europe throughout the 16th and 17th centuries? The questions that come to me about Islam usually assume that Islam is one thing and that whatever one Muslim says about Islam is true for the beliefs of all, that whatever one Muslim does demonstrates the way all Muslims are.

The books felt devotional rather than scholastic. Armstrong left her order in while still a student at Oxford. Society was based on tribal law and tradition and the prevailing religion was paganism. The 14th century Crusades led to the Muslim subjugation to the Mongols, but prepared Muslims for the imperial Islam of the Ottoman Empire.

Originally published inthis book does not directly touch upon the issues surrounding Islamic terrorism. Armstrong does a good job explaining how the Quran came into existence and what the different precepts of Islam are. These memos will help you remember how people and events are related through time, and also provide background information, mnemonics, and suggested readings from primary sources.

This text was designed to be highlighted, questioned, discussed, and debated. Before moving on to a few excerpts, I like to draw your attention to the writing style of the book, the author writes: Although this book is well written and detailed, Armstrong herself comes across within its pages, as if she is looking at Islam with rose-colored glasses.

They were as much about power, Armstrong argues, as anything else. We have our fundamentalism, too, and our society progresses and reacts all the time. Reading this book would help to emphatize with the Prophet, to rectify erroneous allegation, and eventually to establish harmony.

Whoever wants to enter into a covenant and alliance with Muhammad is to do so and whoever wants to enter into a covenant and alliance with Quraysh is to do so…You are to withdraw from us this year and not enter Mecca against us; and when next year comes we shall go out in front of you and you shall enter it Mecca with your companions and remain in it three days; you shall have the arms of the rider, swords in scabbards; you shall not enter it bearing anything else.

I needed a better system.

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Religious superstition no longer dominated the cultural conversation, and social institutions such as the family were radically revised. The Islamic books I read at home were completely different from the textbooks I studied in school.

She feels that the cause of the tensions between the Islamic world and the West are due to a misunderstanding of the Prophet, and she wrote the book to try to clear-up the misunderstandings.

In summary, this book is a tremendously useful contemporary book of Prophetic biography. The Prophet consents to his request and continues dictating: Kind Of History Time of history: Contact with the West and the acceptance of some Western culture resulted in a loss of identity for the Arabs.

This book is pages of dense reading, it is written very well but the text at times can be difficult to follow. A book by Karen Armstrong Inmany people perceive Islam as a fearsome and provoking religion, which its believers are alleged of incorporating terror and atrocity into their creed.

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This is what the Prophet Muhammad provided them with even through he was illiterate. The manner in which excerpts of these books are woven together are described by the author in his preface: The author uses the Abbasid period of the 8th and 9th centuries to show how the Muslim community used their faith to adapt to numerous political changes that ultimately crumbled the caliphate and ushered in the Sunni Iranian dynasty.

Between us evil is to be abstained from, and there is to be no raiding or spoliation.

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Fundamentalism, she feels, is an attempt to re-establish roots and the Arab identity. Advertisement Armstrong makes her job, and ours, more difficult by trying to be comprehensive.Read a special Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly interview with scholar and author Karen Armstrong.

She has written many books on religion, including THE BATTLE FOR GOD and ISLAM: A. Book review ‘Fields of Blood’ by Karen Armstrong.

‘Fields of Blood’ by Karen Armstrong

Share via e-mail. To Add a China, ancient Israel, the rise of Christianity and Islam, early modern Europe, and so on. The effect on the. Christianity, and Islam by Karen Armstrong pdf, then you have come on to the right website. We own A History of God: The 4,Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam doc, DjVu, ePub, PDF, txt.

“Karen Armstrong, a respected and popular author of several books about religion takes on a useful and formidable task in presenting the history of Islam in a single short volume.

Muhammad: The Prophet for Our Time

As many other such works have been written either by apologists or by those hostile to Islam, Armstrong’s comprehensive and sympathetic work is welcome.”/5(). Karen Armstrong, OBE, FRSL (born 14 November ) is a British author and commentator of Irish Catholic descent known for her books on comparative religion.

A former Roman Catholic religious sister, she went from a conservative to a more liberal and mystical Christian faith. BOOK REVIEWS Karen Armstrong. The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions.

The Great Transformation: New York: Anchor Books, Reviewed by Eric D. Huntsman K aren Armstrong’s The Great Transformation is an engaging and highly Review of The Great Transformation V

Book review islam by karen armstrong
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