12 years a slave film review

At first, he is kept as the property of William Ford Benedict Cumberbatchwho is a benign slave master.

12 Years a Slave – Film Review

Many will argue against the authenticity of this version, that it is excessively violent and pointlessly so, that Ridley and McQueen have exaggerated and amplified the horrible nature of slavery for purpose of shock value.

Here is what the word actually means and does. A miserable pile of secrets! It actually gets to the point where simply looking at this character might be enough to bring you to tears. It earned three Academy Awardsincluding Best Picture.

He's also a very patient film maker, utilizing long, steady single shots to emphasize various things. The film though uses this violence purposely as a critique of passivity and the way that people are forced to become submissive in the face of repression. The stench of hanging and flogging that drifts in the steamy Louisiana air of 12 Years a Slave makes watching occasionally unbearable — I looked away more than once; not a criticism we are worlds away from the exploitational tones of Django Unchainedmore an acknowledgement of the film's awful raw power.

In a world where people can be treated as property, humanity disappears almost as quickly from the owners as from the owned. The recurring trope is that Solomon tries some new approach, which backfires, and he ends up even more oppressed and tortured for his efforts to fight the system.

The only reckoning to come for these slavers is their having to live in the filth of their own sin.

12 Years a Slave- Film Review

But after incurring the ire of sadistic farmhand Tibeats Paul Dano"Platt" is sold down the river to Epps Michael Fassbendera broiling cauldron of psychotic rage whose desire for slave girl Patsey Lupita Nyong'o appears to be pushing him ever further into an abyss of uncontrollable cruelty.

Stripped of his past, his identity and even in the eyes of the law his humanity, the renamed "Platt" becomes the property of plantation owner Ford Benedict Cumberbatchwhose comparatively benign and sympathetic demeanour belies his slaver status.

It is a film that sugarcoats nothing and struggles desperately with the entire notion of justice. For his part, McQueen delivers a more full-hearted story here that would be expected from some a strictly mechanistic director.

Every moment after that is a calculation on his part: With Northup recalibrating his plan for day-to-day survival, the film misses something by hearing so little of his voice. He is a pop culture aficionado and enjoys talking about all films, 90s TV shows, ninjas and watching Rugby League.

The dialogue we do hear from him is, like most of the other characters, fully dressed in arch 19th century elocutions. Northup is conned, captured, chained, bound in a slave ship — just as normal, but all within the borders of the US.

Specifically, it is the slavery that thrived in an American era habitually known by an opaque Latinism: Kindness is a veneer of luxury, an indulgence of ego. Elsewhere, a striking counterpoint is established between Paul Dano's weaselly, taunting rendition of Run Nigger, Run and the slaves' defiant graveside rendition of Roll Jordan, Roll, the latter becoming an epiphanic moment that pierces to the very heart of Northup's predicament.

But in this film of titans it's the one you've probably never heard of who perhaps stands above them all. Do you know how slavery got started in America? To confront the subject of slavery in the most brutal uncompromising manner, McQueen and screenwriter John Ridley have drawn from the memoir of Solomon Northup, a New York-born musician kidnapped in and enslaved for twelve years before being freed.12 Years of a Slave is an epic of degradation, a film in which the protagonist is taught through brutality to conceal and abandon his every characteristic.

He is beaten into silence. He is beaten into silence. Oct 18,  · "12 Years a Slave" is a somber, meditative, almost poetic film that delivers the horrors of bondage stripped down and head-on/5. Oct 18,  · “12 Years a Slave” isn’t the first movie about slavery in the United States — but it may be the one that finally makes it impossible for American cinema to continue to sell the ugly lies.

12 Years a Slave is not an easy watch and nor should it be. But with the exception of a somewhat distracting third-act cameo by co-producer Brad Pitt, it is pitched pretty near perfectly in terms. Watch video · 12 Years A Slave, review: 'This, at last, really is history written with lightning' 5 12 Years a Slave was widely described as the best film that has yet been made about American slavery.

12 Years a Slave has all of McQueen's effortlessly powerful visual sense, all his determination to look at ugly realities head-on. I sat down to this movie expecting to see one of the long, fixed.

12 years a slave film review
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